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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Dirty,yet simple secret keyword/key-phrase research strategy seo masters are hiding

Keywords research is not dead

     Wondering why your site is not garnering high or relevant traffic? It could be that you have not optimized your website for search engine results. This includes using the right keywords or lately ‘key-phrase. Of course there may be several other contributory factors but this article shall focus solely on keyword research with Google Adwords, how to do the basics and a strategy worth considering if you’re doing everything on your own. However, if you do not want to do all this on your own and wish to have someone do it all for you with great results, go here: free SEO software . They supply free software that would not only find the perfect keywords/key-phrases for you and seek out your competition and help you beat them but they would also do all the necessary SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tweaks for your website to get maximum results. The truth is, using the right keywords or phrases alone would not necessarily bring you better search results and an accompanying high traffic, though it would be more than half of the work done if you do it right.

NOTE: You don’t have to agree with every suggestion I will make especially concerning the monthly search volume. They are mere suggestions based on my own successful experience. All the important points in the figures have been highlighted in yellow.

Why is keyword or key-phrase research very important???

There are a few search engines online where people go to find answers to questions. Like it or not, Google dominates this bunch about 90%, nevermind what the experts say. Of course Google expects original quality content if you want them to put you at the top of the search pile but then they would have shut down the Adwords/Keyword Planner website if keyword research was dead. So why is it important? By doing keyword research, you’re able to narrow down to words or phrases that people type in their search engine daily. Simply put, people by typing in these phrases would be searching for products or solutions related to them (words). This helps you to create your products around the phrases (keywords) or find the perfect names for your websites or products you already have so that people can easily find you online when they search. And how would they find you? They would find you because Google’s software termed ‘bots’ surf almost every website regularly in cyberspace to find and deliver the best results that suit the searchers specifications. These ‘bots’ are updated occasionally just like all softwares so you should always check out the Google Adwords Website every now and then to update your knowledge. By the way, this write-up is based on the current update.

Long tail keywords (phrases) – what are they and why are they necessary?

For best results, I suggest you seek out long tail keywords. Now what are they? These are keywords usually in a phrase form containing at least not less than two words (my definition). Example: assuming you are searching for something related to health, you can simply type a single word (also known as the root keyword) like “health” into Google search or you can be more specific and narrow down your search by typing say, “ how to cook a healthy dinner” (long tail keyword or phrase). Got it?? Finding and using long tail keywords would give your products or site the best search presence because of its specificity. Simply put, people are entering these exact phrases (long tail keywords) in Google search so if you use them or their related keywords in your blog or website, Google is likely to find and rank you for them, whereas if you use a single keyword like “healthy”, you may have to battle it out with lots of competition including authority sites to get ranked high on Google. There may be times when you may have a root keyword but find it difficult to generate a long tail keyword but don’t worry, go ahead and read on. Also on another important note – based on the updated Google ‘bot’, exact phrases do not matter much anymore. For example, if you use the keyword phrase “healthy dinner recipes” as keywords on your website, the Google ‘bot’ would still find and rank your site for closely related keywords like “healthy meals” because the ‘bot’ determine them as one and the same or similar in meaning. Basic!

How you do an effective basic keyword research…..

1.     What do you do if you have a root keyword (single word) but you’re finding it tough generating a long tail keyword (phrase) for your research? Simply go to keywordshitter.com, type in your root keyword into the space provided and click shit keywords right below the panel. Wait for at least two minutes and allow the site to produce enough keywords and then click download. It would be saved in note pad onto your pc. Better still, you can create a special keyword folder where you can place all of these downloads later.

fig. 1
Root keyword highlighted. CREDIT: keywordshitter.com

2.     Create a Google account if you don’t have one and if you use chrome browser or any other browser for that matter, simply click on this link: Google Adwords and Keyword Planner. Sign in when the page opens. On the page that appears, click on tools and look for the research console on the left with the headline “Find new keywords and get search volume data”. Below it, in this case we shall use only the first choice where you have “search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category”, as seen in the example in fig 2.

fig 2.

Google Adwords/Keyword planner. 
CREDIT: https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner#searchdetails

a)     Now open the downloaded keywords from keywordshitter.com and find long tail keywords or phrases related to your niche. Copy any keyword (phrase)that best suits your research and paste it into the research panel. In this example our chosen keyword (phrase) would be “healthy dinner’ as highlighted in fig 2 above.

b)    Just below that panel, find “customize your search” and click on “keyword filters” Open and insert 3000 in the box and check the “low” box below it as seen in fig 3. Why 3000 and low? 3000 and low because we’re searching for keywords with low competition but which would probably be lucrative because at least 3000 people are searching for it on a monthly basis. Click on save.  

fig 3. 
Google Adwords/Keyword planner. 
CREDIT: https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner#searchdetails
c)     Ignore everything else and scroll down to the bottom of the panel and click on “get ideas”. Some keywords would be generated after sometime. Now click on any of the keywords and sieve through to find appropriate keywords for your business. You can view all the information concerning the keywords but take an important note of the search volume if you find any appropriate keyword (phrase). This section is demonstrated in fig 4 and 5 below. As you can see, I clicked on “quick and healthy” and as highlighted, I picked “healthy food ideas” as my keyword phrase to be searched in Google. Note that this keyword has a modest monthly search volume of 3,600 and has low competition. This is encouraging because I can then further go ahead and find who my competitors are in Google search which leads to the next step. 

figs 4 and 5 
Google Adwords and keyword planner. 
CREDIT: https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner#searchdetails
Google Adwords and Keyword planner. 
CREDIT: https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner#searchdetails

3.     Finally copy the keywords (phrase) the fits the suggested specifications and enter them in double quotes in Google search. This would generate results of who your probable competitors would be in search results if you’re to use these keywords for your website. In this example I picked “healthy food ideas”. Now let’s analyse the results. 

     fig 6
Google Adwords and Keyword planner. CREDIT: www.google.com

            As highlighted the results generated a probable competition of about 406,000 websites. I suggest that you use keywords that generate less than 60,000 competitors if you want to compete and convert well. Right at the top is a BBC.com link. BBC is ‘an authority site’. Authority sites are basically sites that have been in that niche for so long that they are deemed highly credible. Now it’s going to be tough competing with these sites for top spot if you find about 5 of them in the front row of Google search results.  It’s best to find new keywords if after the research you find that you might be competing with lots of such sites. However, if you still insist on using those keywords to compete, your best bet is to download this software : Free SEO Software , like I said earlier.

          FINAL STEP
You found your keywords with low competition so what next? You can go ahead and use them as your website or blog address, use it as your blog titles within articles etc, just don’t over-do it.

Truth be told, there would be days when you would easily find a low competition keyword (phrase) and there would be days when you would never find anything. It’s not an easy thing to do. It takes time focus and constant research.  Be reminded that, it’s not the only thing to do to optimize your site but as a lay individual, you can start here. If you find it too technical and time consuming, let these guys do it for you SEO Kings.
I would like to know what you think. Feel free to share this article if you found it useful.
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Resources: Google Adwords / Google Search

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Why These Best Paypal Alternatives Would Change Your Life

PHOTO CREDIT:  http://www.designcontest.com

   Hey there good people, mike here……

Do you own a business and need to transact business beyond your shores? Do you transfer funds to friends and family from abroad? Do you need to make online purchases or sales? Are you stuck on paypal? Have you been blocked by paypal for no particular reason? Have you been spending so much time trying to get them to unblock you without any success? Has paypal blocked your country out of their system for some reason?  Honestly, there’s no doubt that paypal is the most proven, reputable and popular online payment platform in the world. Because of this, they are highly sensitive to any least suspicious activity and can legitimately decide to block entire countries or individual accounts.

  Most importantly, do you wish to improve your financial life with some great passive income beyond what paypal offers?  Well, worry no more because new alternatives to Paypal have sprung up and are giving them big time competition? These new paypal alternatives operate in almost every country save a few and they can make you some great passive income combined together.  I am talking beyond $500 every month! Yeah, that’s very possible, but wait a minute!! If you’re thinking that, you can get rich quick with this without hard work, quit reading, right now because this would be an honest and unbiased opinion! You know what they say, “If you're not willing to work for the extra-ordinary, then you will have to settle for the ordinary”! However, if you’re one willing to do the initial hard work, then, go on, read it!! Someday, you would thank me! J

Why do I write this…..??

I have had to write this blog because I have seen several online petitions against paypal from many countries and individuals complaining. I had similar problems when I started working online because paypal has blocked my country. I did my research and came up with a few alternatives. In doing so, I also came across the fact that all these alternatives to paypal actually have referral and affiliate programs that can earn anyone passive income. Awesome, isn’t it??  Well, I am no ‘good Samaritan’ but I just thought; why not share it to save everyone the time and hopefully get some good traffic to my blog in return? Not to bore you further, I have listed my personal 5 best alternatives to Paypal and their benefits in a summary form. This should hopefully end all your money transfer woes and earn you some passive income (with some good strategy and hard work of course). Sit tight and enjoy!

This is just an opinion based on my personal experience using these alternatives to paypal so it is not cast in stone. Other systems may exist which may be probably better. Also, just like Paypal, these systems do not tolerate any illegal transfer of funds, are highly fraud -proof and scam -sensitive and have limits on the amount that can be transferred at any point. They are also wary of pyramid schemes that increase referrals. Simply put, they do not tolerate money laundering so if you have intentions of engaging in any illegal activity, then this is not for you!! I repeat, “then, this is not for you”!!!! It’s important that you read their terms and conditions before you join. The difference between them and paypal is that, they treat every case on an individual level and would not block entire countries unless there are very serious and highly significant issues.


Payoneer were the first I discovered when I started out. They operate in over 200 countries around the world which means your country is likely to be included, right? You simply need to register with them here: Payoneer and you’re good to go. Just like any registration, they would verify you initially through your registration email but your entire account would only become fully verified once you enter a PIN number on the debit card that they would ship to you. They also allow you to connect other cards like paypal, Master card etc to their platform and also allow you to transfer funds from other online payment platforms. Better still, payoneer has a referral system that pays you and whoever you have referred $25 each for every $100 transaction, a high potential for passive income! How about that, huh?

The downside…
Full verification may go beyond 1month depending on your location, though it’s still possible to fund your account during the period. Delayed shipping and stolen debit cards, are some complains people make so if you want a safe and quick shipping, you need to pay extra ($) for a safe DHL delivery. However, they deliver a clean service. You should give them a shot!


Payza is an interesting one. Of course they perform all the normal functions that all these online payment systems do but the difference here is that, with payza, they perform exchange functions too. For example, you can send and receive funds in your local currency and you can also exchange currency in about 21 supported currencies worldwide. You can also exchange your currency into any E-Currency of your choice. With payza, you can simply send money by email. Yeah you heard me right! They even have a localized remittance platform called SimplySendBD, a very affordable platform from where you can send remittances to friends and relatives if you live abroad. Better still,, you can connect your bank account directly if you wish; though I don’t advice it when it comes to online transactions. Now I know you’ve been waiting for the juicy part; referrals! Their referral program is a bit tricky but still juicy so here’s the deal. Payza pays you $5 for your first 10 referrals and $10 for each referral thereon.

The downside…

It takes hard work to get beyond your first 10 referrals and start earning real money. Even after that, you only receive your reward when your referrals make any transaction of at least $250. Trust me however that, once you go through this hard part, the income is stupendous!

If there is any online payment system whose name speaks volumes for it, then it’s (ref link). It’s exactly what its name says it is. Imagine a payment system that pays you an interest on your account just like a normal bank savings. Perfectmoney also has an affiliate program that would pay you (%) for every referral. Better still, you can actually store the value of your crypto-currency like bitcoins in your account without the hustle of having to create a digital wallet! Yeah you heard me right!! There is more juicy stuff for you there so go find it for yourself here: perfectmoney.com.

The downside….

Perfect money has one of the most rigorous verification systems I know which though makes it near perfect, can be irritating. You’re required to become fully verified by completing four tasks which includes, phone number verification and the uploading of government verified documents, like driver’s license, National ID card or passport. This however is for your own safety, I guess. Thorough identity check is a way of protecting their integrity and yours as well. You have no reason to worry if you have no ‘evil’ intentions, right? Go find things out for yourself. It might just be what you need.

For the awesome services they offer, okpay has a name too ordinary, trust me. They are far beyond ‘OK’!! Okaypay offers all forms of online payment transactions including wire transfers. They are one of the most convenient online platforms to use if you trade in Forex or Options. They even offer discrete transactions for anyone involved in the adult industry. However, the best benefit to using this payment system rests in their referral system which is probably your best bet at making some passive income. They have a two-tier level referral system. The first level will be the one you directly referred to their system and the second level is the one referred to their system by the one you referred(1st level). At the first level, you earn a 20% commission on their transactions and 10% on the second level transactions.

Now here’s a short example copied directly from their website okpay.com: Suppose your second-level referral makes a €500 EUR transaction. For this transaction you, as the initial indirect referrer, will receive 10% of our service fee, i.e., €0.25 EUR in your account! In a similar fashion, if the same operation is performed by your first-level referral, you will receive 20% of the fee, i.e., €0.50 EUR will be deposited to your account. This system simply creates a long chain of passive income for you through primary and secondary referrals

The downside….

You and I know that getting referrals with all the competition out there isn’t going to be easy. Also this system has the tendency to make you lose focus off the real purpose of online transactions but is that really a problem?? Go figure, it's worth the try.

I conclude that any of the above alternatives to paypal is worth trying. You just need to weigh the pros and cons and decide which one to go for. These paypal alternatives are really here to stay. Feel free to comment and share this article if you found it useful, I believe you did though!