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Monday, 4 January 2016

4 Weird Methods i use To Make Money Online

How to earn your first online Income for free

Hi there, Mike here,

Are you employed full time but still wish to make some passive income online? Are you unemployed? Have you emailed several résumés, done follow ups but have still not received that call? Do you aspire to be an online entrepreneur but don’t know where to start? Do you doubt how genuine these several work-at-home schemes out there on the World Wide Web are? Have you been bombarded with pay-to-get-in and learn how to earn income online adverts from suspicious websites? Yeah, I know the feeling because I have been there. I must however confess that, some of these websites give you value for money but it’s really very hard to find genuine ones. It has taken me close to 2 tiring and painstaking years to find some genuine easy work online opportunities that exist and that could change your world. I use all of them and they make me some pretty good income. They range from simple tasks as watching adverts and performing tasks like taking surveys to more creative stuff like designing t-shirts and selling them in your own online shop. Yeah that’s right!!

Now sit tight and pay close attention……..

No, I am not saying this is going to be easy, necessarily. No, I am not saying you’re going to make a career out of most of these sites, albeit possible or get rich overnight! All I am saying is that there are genuine opportunities out there but if you’re unwilling to invest time, focus and creativity in what I am about to show you, then quit reading because it’s one of the many ways you can earn your first dollar online for free. That said, let’s get down to brass tacks.

1.     Clixsense and Neobux

A screen shot of my Clixsense Account and my earnings 30 mins 

These two are probably one of the easiest ways to start seeing real income earning online if you have no idea where to start. They are typical PTC (paid to click) sites.

How do they operate and why just view ads?

The core of the operations of PTC sites is that, advertisers pay them to deliver their products in the form of ads to the world and bring them traffic and hopefully conversions. They in turn pay you part of that amount to be one of those ‘traffics’ and if possible, ‘conversions’. Just by viewing these ads, I have discovered several other opportunities within.
You sign-up for free and get started by simply viewing intermittently delivered adverts into your account for at most 30 seconds and then bingo, your account would be credited with cash. They use several online payment platforms like paypal but if you prefer better alternatives, then check out my article on best paypal alternatives here:Paypal Alternatives that would change your life. Viewing adverts is quick and simple if you have good internet. You can then simply move on to performing other tasks like surveys and taking a chance on ‘grid clicking’ to increase your earnings.  Clixsense even has a partnership with crowdflower who deliver regular tasks involving the evaluation of online articles where you get paid for each article you evaluate. At the end of the week, the person who performed the most task get’s rewarded with $100. There’s more excitement in there but I don’t want to spoil the fun so you can click on the links here: Clixsense / Neobux . They will take you to the sites so you can find things out for yourself.  I suggest you join both networks for maximum results.

The Downside

The downside of PTC sites is that, the amount earned per click is based on what they call priority countries which include the US/Canada, some parts of Europe, Asia and Africa. They have a list of these countries on their site so if you happen to be in any of them you get paid more for viewing Ads and performing tasks. There are several legal things you can do though to increase your earnings no matter where you find yourself.

A screen shot of my shorte earnings when i started in September.

Have you heard of URL shortening? If you haven’t, then here is the basic. You find an article online that you like and wish to share it or add the link to your blog. However, the link address is too long and ‘untidy’ so to speak. Now, you can ‘tidy’ up this address by using the services of an URL shortening website before sharing. The most popular is Tinyurl but there are others like Google’s URL shortener that also gives you click analytics. Now, did you also know that, when you share these links, you give free traffic and possibly conversions to those websites? Don’t you think you deserve something for your effort? That is where shorte comes in.

How they operate

What shorte does is that, they allow you to use their service to shorten your links for free but in turn, when you share the link on social media, forums or anywhere in cyberspace, they deliver an advert to the viewer before showing the real article and then you get paid. It’s that simple! Be warned though that, they track every share and you would be banned if you share anything illegal including porn. Afterall, they have a reputation to protect. The trick is to find good and viral articles to shorten and share. If you have a blog, you can also get paid anytime someone enters your blog.  Better still, they allow you to place social share widgets on your site and get paid anytime someone shares your articles or blog with those widgets. They offer HTML codes for all that. How good is that, huh? Click here to find things out for yourself : Share and earn with shorte

The downside

Like the PTC sites they also have priority countries where if you attract more clicks from, you earn more. So for example, you get paid more if after sharing your link on social media, you get clicks from the US/ Canada. Also it can be irritating having to view an advert every time you have to read an article. However, if the article is good it doesn’t matter, people will read it anyway. The trick here is to find the appropriate forums to share the article. 

3.     Cafepress / Zazzle  
 Are you one for creativity? Then Cafepress or Zazzle is your best bet. This two platforms offer you the opportunity to showcase your artistic side by designing t-shirts and many other home accessories. They are my favourites because I enjoy being creative. It gives me a great sense of wealth to know that I designed a t-shirt or any other that went viral and sold like hot cake. They have user friendly interfaces that allow you to design anything from Muscle Ts to Mugs, shower curtains, pillows, hoodies, bags and sneakers (my favourite). Awesome, isn’t it? You can create your own shop set your own prices and pay them commission on sales, or you can choose to design for the general store and earn a commission when they sell your designs. Click on this link  - Design IT to download this awesome digital art and graphic design software for free to help you with you designs easily if you're interested.

The downside

As much as these are platforms where you can create your own designs, competition is really fierce therefore you would need to really standout. To narrow your target market, you need to do a lot of keyword research before naming your designs. This can really be hectic especially when you have to do it for every design but once you’re through, sales can shoot up. If you need some basics in keyword research, click on this link: Keyword/phrase research - the best strategy

What’s affiliate marketing? Basically affiliate marketing involves finding products of others, marketing and selling them to get paid on commission basis. Several of such ventures exist online but the most popular and well known is clickbank. Here advertisers post their products in search of ‘affiliates’ who would market them and get paid commission based on sales. It has several niches that would interest anyone interested in making passive online income. It’s one of my favourite places to go and find products to sell.

The downside

Clickbank is so popular that, everyone I know making some online income is in there. This has made the competition pretty fierce. However, there are several methods you can use to get ahead of the pack. I discovered it through this product Google Sniper 3.0. If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, then there is no way you should ignore it. I know what it has done for me.

The thing with making money online from home is simply about having accounts in various online niches that offer genuine opportunities. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Most importantly, you should get it out of your mind that there’s a get rich quick venture out there waiting for you. Things don’t work out that way or everyone would end up being scammed. Nothing like that exists. Unless you’re willing to put in time, dedication and focus, you’re not going to get anywhere. But if you’re willing to do the extra, you’ll soon see your first few bucks streaming in and then you would be encouraged to do more. That’s when real success would hit you.

I hope you found this little and humble knowledge useful and it helps you solve some of your problems. Feel free to share this article if you found it useful. Also let me know what you think.