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Friday, 15 January 2016

The SEO Software That Shocks With Massive Web Traffic

web seo for massive traffic
search engine optimization
You have done your research, tested the market, have created the ‘perfect’ product and finally a website but now, what next? Albeit the 'perfect' product or content is paramount, since Google has made Panda (one of their bots) as part of their main ranking algorithm, which  implies that more quality content would rank higher in 2016, the technical side of things is still relevant for wide online exposure.  The major headache of almost every business or the blog owner online has always been how to generate massive traffic to their website. Obviously, more traffic means, your product would be exposed to a lot more people and therefore your chances of getting conversions (sales) is higher. Maybe you have heard of Search Engine Optimization, have you? This basically is how you tweak your blog or website for better ranking in search results, the resultant effect being massive traffic and probable conversions. Did you know that, there is an up to date Traffic Generating software that can help you do all these and apply the best search engine optimization strategy for great results? Oh no, no, no, hell no, i am not talking about one of those traffic generating bots that supply fake web traffic!!!! I am talking about a real software that shows you in real time, the mistakes you're making on your website and helps you to fix them so that you can dominate search engines, find leads and generate sales from organic traffic; real humans not robots. So what is this software?

A Short Story
When I started out as a digital entrepreneur, I used to have sleepless nights about how to get traffic to my blog. I would sit behind my pc into the wee hours of the night researching into how to generate massive traffic. Save buying traffic and paying for adverts, name it and i have tried it all, from posting on several social media platforms, forums, communities and traffic exchanges. All these were pretty hard work. Most of it have paid off though and brought me some real organic traffic. I would engage with my audience timely and regularly but there was still something very important missing. Apparently, though search engine providers encourage website owners to take these actions to boost traffic, they sometimes flag them as spamming and so you might be hit with a penalty which implies a drop in search rankings. Therefore in one day, you may have huge traffic and the next, you get zero traffic. Frustrating, isn’t it? Then I decided maybe it was time to buy traffic. But then, going by the industry rate of $0.05 per view for quality traffic coming from credible websites like Stumble Upon and Facebook, I was looking at $500 for 10,000 views a day. This may imply a cool 50 conversions going by the 5 conversions per 1000 view rate. Good income maybe but I just didn’t have the resources for that as someone who had just started working online from home. I had to spend several days and nights researching further and that was when I realised that I was making a lot of technical mistakes in my SEO strategy. Luckily I came across this Traffic Generating Software, an affordable search engine optimization software, in time. After examining and testing it, I was very excited so I went ahead to give it a try and this was my experience.

seo software

NOTE: This Traffic Generator is a software that runs in real time once installed on your pc. All you do is insert your Website URLs (as many as you have) and let it run.

Beat competition and rank high in search engines
After inserting a few of my URLs, the software did SEO website audit and analysis and exposed a lot of Search Engine Optimization errors that I would never have discovered on my own. Then again there was the portion of the software that showed me who my competitors were and what they were doing to get high ranking in search engines. For example, the software does keyword analysis and shows you the best keywords to use to outwit competition. Better still, there is that portion of the software that exposed all the relevant back links that competitors were using to get high search engine ranking. You can actually go and 'grab' these back links for your website and bingo you will up there with the big shots. This Traffic Generating software is simply like a seo studio where you would be  designing your SEO strategy effectively for massive web traffic success through real time analysis and SEO website auditing. The software is updated regularly to ensure that it tallies with search engine algorithms like Google's for effective results. And oh, you get real tutelage in search engine optimization into how to skyrocket your web traffic with all the bonus materials. Headache solved!!

The Downside
The downside to the software is that yes, it would help you in tweaking your website for maximum SEO success with the search engines but that in itself does not guarantee conversion success if you don’t combine it with other marketing strategies to improve on organic traffic ( very important). Because it’s a real time software, you would have to devote quite some time, very often, to keep a constant eye on what your competitors are up to and re-strategize if need be. This would be a problem only if you don’t have the time.

Also, there are two versions to the software, the free and the professional version. The free version has several limitations. For example it limits the number of websites you can insert to 2 and the number of competitor back links you can 'grab' and use. The professional version however gives you limitless access to the number of web addresses you can insert, competitors' back links, keywords to use against competitors, how your competitors are ranking and many more so that you can employ the best search engine optimization strategy.

Conclusion: Revolutionalize your SEO strategy
This traffic generating software is the most affordable search engine optimization software that I have come across so far considering all the inherent benefits. Juxtaposed with paying for traffic based on a tight budget as a start-up, I would pick it if I were you. In fact, you can start with the free version which would give you an insight into what you can do if you had the full version or you can get the professional version for as little as $1 for 7 days and if you like the experience you can go ahead and get the full version with a 60-day money back guarantee, which I highly recommend especially for start-ups with no technical knowledge in SEO strategies.  Still not convinced? Ok then, watch this video: Traffic Generation made easy or better still click on any of the links provided and it would take you to the website.

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