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Monday, 28 March 2016

Can you really make $1000 a day with Binary Options? A deep investigation!

Are you unemployed? Are you employed but still feel like you’re the one working for ‘Cents’ whilst others in the same job make all the real ‘bucks’? Do you feel like it’s time to become your own boss but have no capital or ideas to start with?  I was once in your shoes until I started looking for opportunities online. On my journey I came across a type of investment called binary options. I did some deep digging and I discovered an interesting world of investment opportunity that some people already know. I shall as much as possible, share what I have discovered with you in this short article. However before I go ahead, did you know that research suggests that, in about 20 years, unless you have at least 20 or more extra skills, you’re likely to be automated out of your current job? This implies that to be very safe, you need to start investing now in at least 20 or more extra skills, or start a business on your own because your University degree alone would not suffice. This means you would need capital to start with. But, how do you do that without the necessary funds in a world of ‘constant’ economic downturn? No, all hope is not lost, trust me! The internet is a ‘saviour’ and a whole economy on its own. That is a very good reason why it should be taken seriously.

NOTE: This is a review not only based on the fact that this writer is an affiliate of the product in question but also based on the fact that he is a user of the product, therefore has the experience to review it.

Now, grab a chair, sit tight, open your eyes wide and pay close attention whilst you read this because it is a potential life changer…….
What is Binary Options and how does it work???

A little research on Wikipedia  revealed that, generally started barely over 6 years ago. Nadex happens to be one of the most credible Binary options company out there. Unfortunately they limit their operations to just a few countries. Now back to the subject; I shall try and break things down as much as possible with little technical jargon.

Imagine the stock exchange right on your desktop at home, where you wake up every morning switch on your pc or in some cases, a smart phone binary options  app, connect to the internet, log in to your Binary options brokerage account via a web browser or a  software, make a choice of which asset to trade in for the day on the trend analysis platform (market signals), make predictions based on the trend and earn profits once you get the prediction right, or, lose some profit if you get it wrong. Yeah, you heard me right!! This is what Binary Options is basically all about. It’s like you’re working in a stock exchange from the comfort of your bed. All you do is, make a minimum deposit into your brokerage account, usually ranging between $50 and $250 depending on which Options Company or Website you register with. From this deposit, you then decide to invest an amount in any of the wide range of assets available to choose from and apply a prediction. These assets range from commodities (Gold, silver, Crude Oil, etc), indices (Dow Jones, S&P, Nasdaq, etc), forex (Currency fluctuations against each other), Equities (Morgan Stanley, Facebook, Alibaba, Coca cola, etc) etc. Now, when you choose which asset you want to predict on, you just watch the trend analysis that the software generates and either predict a call or a put option. Once you get the prediction right, you earn your profit. A call option occurs when the price of the asset is rising whilst a put option occurs when the price of the asset is dropping. This is demonstrated in the short video below.

                              Here’s a short video demonstration of how Binary Options work.

                                                                      CREDIT: IQ Options

There are basically three types of Binary Options operation types.

1.      Human Brokers

These are people who are assigned to you after registering and depositing the minimum required amount in your account. They make predictions for you and earn commission on your profit.

2.      Bots
These are real-time softwares installed in your account by the company or owners of the website upon registering and depositing the minimum required amount. These softwares are configured to make predictions on the account owner’s behalf.

3.      Yourself

This is basically what you saw in the demonstration video where you have to log in regularly as much as possible, if you have the time and make analysis and predictions on your own. Better still you can download the software and log in directly from your desk top instead of a browser.

 Binary Options can be a high risk investment, really. Making the choice of which ones to use can be tricky. Human brokers can work against you for the benefit of their entire organization or even their personal gain in some instances. Bots can be manipulated by the owners to make you lose profits and hence lose your investment to the platform owners. Even if you’re making the predictions yourself, like in this case, how can you be sure that the trend analysis signals are not being manipulated to work against you within the seconds that your prediction expires? Afterall, technology is subject to manipulation so you see, there’s no cut and dry choice approach. It’s all a risk but almost every investment involves some level of risk anyway. Most experienced users would advise you to invest a little bit in each of the types but if you are a beginner without the resources, you would be best off testing platforms that initially offer free accounts first and then once you’re convinced of what is going on and honed in some investment strategies and skills, you can open a real account and start off. Unfortunately almost all that I have come across so far do not offer an absolutely free Demo account except a few. Among them is my favourite  IQ Options.

How Much Can You Make?

IQ Options platform

It depends on the amount invested and how accurate your predictions are. Infact, some analysts suggest that Binary options breed about 300 millionaires every year; I can’t verify this though. I use the platform to the link that I just gave you; the same website in the demonstration video so let’s use them as an example. IQ Options  allows anyone to deposit a minimum of $10 and use a minimum of $1 for each prediction if you so wish. An investment in an asset offering 86% would earn you $1.86 as seen in the photo above, so now; let’s do a little maths here. Assume that, I have deposited the required $10 minimum in my brokerage account and decided to invest $1, i.e. ($10 - $1 = $9) in an asset that pays 86% and got my prediction right. It means I just earned $0.86 which then swells my account to $10.86. If I should repeat the event with the same success and earn another $0.86, my account will swell up to $11.72 and so on and so forth. Got it??? You can do this as many times as you wish as long as you have the time. As you saw in the video, you can even adjust the time at which the option expires. Also, since it’s difficult to determine the exact trend an asset price would take at any time, it becomes difficult to determine an exact amount anyone can earn. In fact, research suggests that, you must get not less than 55% of your predictions right to break even on your investment. This simply means, to gain advantage over the platform owners, your predictions must be above 55% at least. There are several articles on strategies out there but most importantly you should be abreast with current financial and business news. It helps!! So what’s the reality? In finance we say “the higher the risk, the higher the returns” so it’s possible to make $5,000 in 24hrs with a huge investment combined with a couple of spot on predictions but in reality, people, mostly beginners, with some good skill, on the average, can make between $700 and $1200 a week depending on the investment made. This makes Binary Options is a great source of capital acquisition for start-ups doesn’t it? In fact, this is a full time passive income avenue for some. It can be addictive, actually. Many have quit their jobs to do this at home, full time. So, is it that simple?

The dark side

Number of possible Binary Options websites

Yes it could be simple but only if hundreds of Binary Options sites were not springing up on the World Wide Web every day. It makes it so difficult to know who is running a genuine business and who is running a fraudulent venture. As you can see in this picture, an exact Google search for Binary options website produced 341,000 results. That is not to suggest that, there is that number of websites because websites or blogs using those keywords may have come up in search results. However, it should give you a clear indication of what is going on out there. This article in Forbes magazine (Don't Gamble on Binary Options) likens Binary Options to online gambling. I Disagree with some of the suggestions in the article but it’s a must read for anyone deciding to dive into this ‘investment’. Also, there are no universal governing rules per se. Several of the platforms are formed under the Security Exchange Laws of different continents. That is why it is absolutely important that anyone willing to engage in this ‘game’ must read the terms and conditions of the website in details and understand the risks involved.

As I said, I use the IQ Options platform but I understood all the risks involved before joining. My initial investigation about them brought up some negativity but I realised most people simply did not read their terms and conditions or did not take time to understand Binary Options fully before diving in.  I have lost some and I have gained some, no complains. I am still learning along the way. Besides, I prefer their platform because I have absolute control over my own operations and they accept an amount as low as $10 minimum deposit which I can risk. I am allowed to withdraw any amount I wish as long as it’s a minimum of $10. I decide on my own if I should make an investment or not; no broker or bot does that for me. Even better is the fact that I started with an absolutely free Demo account where I was able to practice several investment strategies before going full haul with a real account. Infact, even after signing up for a full account, you can still maintain your demo account and use it to practice strategies. If you want to try Binary options I recommend you try them. This link IQ Options would take you directly to their platform. If you sit all day behind your pc doing PTC (paid to click), then you might as well look at this because it’s a far better alternative. If you find a Binary Options site but still have doubts about their activities, read this basic 2 step actions to take to avoid being scammed (Two free online guards against scam )

Oh yes, there’s something real out there but in this ‘game’ you need to take baby steps to avoid falling into a deep pit. Once you know your way around, it becomes routine. It’s a new and interesting online investment opportunity. Let’s just hope the bubble would not burst some day. Feel free to express your views in the comment section. Also share this article if you found it useful. It may help someone in need.