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Monday, 12 September 2016

Working Online From Home? Here Are 5 Basic Rules To Avoid Being Scammed

Avoid Scam

Many people who desire to work online from the comfort of their homes are discouraged by the many scams floating around in cyber space. This fear is justified believe me but there are several genuine work online opportunities out there. All one needs to do is due diligence before expending with any cash. I have previously written this article (2 Free Tools That Would SaveYou From Being Scammed Online). I recommend you read it in addition to this one so that you can avoid any obvious pitfalls in this game. With this piece, I only intend to give the fingertip guidelines that one needs to hone in order to spot a scam from a distance. I shall also give you a very good review website which you can use to gauge the authenticity of websites. It all boils down to doing due diligence and being highly aware of what scams smell like so let’s get down to it.

1.    Too good to be true

If it smells like a fish, it’s a fish, believe me! Have you ever seen those edited videos that switch from people standing by big mansions with swimming pools and luxury cars, to them taking luxury cruises? Well, most of it is make believe to capture your imagination and arouse your curousity using acting, don’t buy it!! Life isn’t that easy my friend. You’ve got to work hard in the right direction and it would take time to get there. Unless you win the lottery, there’s no easy route in this game, people.

2.    Email capture with just a brief explanation of what the business is about

Don’t get me wrong, there are genuine emailing systems designed to capture emails and increase sign-ups for their clients through affiliate links. But, you need to ask yourself if it is wise to sign-up for a ‘work online’ venture without knowing the details of what they actually do. Don’t sign-up on any website that’s just designed to capture your email with just a brief explanation of what they do and where you don’t have access to their ‘About Us/About Me’ and ‘FAQs’ (Frequently Asked Questions).

3.    Disclaimers

Closely related to the video thing are the disclaimers. How many of you have ever taken the time to look for and read a disclaimer on a website. This is basic! So, you get this well crafted video, showcasing ‘highly successful’ people, who started working online just two months ago but you never read the disclaimer on the website (usually in tiny, almost invisible fonts at the bottom of the page) that is telling you that, the owners of the website or business are not responsible for any losses you incur. Note – promising instant success, yet issuing disclaimer screams high risk and danger!!! Run for your dear life!!!

Trust Pilot Reviews
4.    Read Reviews

This is usually the first approach most people adopt to find credible work online opportunities. The common trend is to use search engines like Google. Unfortunately many of these results that Google would generate are likely to be well optimized websites littered with favourable reviews and affiliate links. It usually consists of people selling their affiliate links without having really tested the product or a platform. This does not make it wholly reliable so let me make life easy for you and narrow it down to a website that I have found very useful. Having used it for over 3 three months I have come to really trust this website Trust Pilot.  If you’re still unconvinced after using my 2 tools to protect you from scam  and would like to see some genuine reviews, then Trust Pilot is the place to go. All you need to do is to type the web address into the search console and if there are reviews they would be generated in the results. You should also consider writing reviews there to help others if you have some experiences. What makes Trust Pilot trustworthy is that, you’re not allowed to spam-advertise affiliate links which makes the reviews genuine.

5.    Only invest what you can afford to lose

After taking these basic steps, are you fully insulated against scam? Hell no! There are many online opportunities like these Free Bitcoins where you don’t require financial investment to start but anything is still possible. That’s why it’s very important to test the waters first if you’re ever required to invest any cash, with only the amount you can afford to lose. If you have $600 and you don’t mind losing $50 to test the waters in an online venture, then fine. But if you can’t afford to lose any of that amount, don’t do it. Basic!

The whole point – view any work online opportunity as a starting point of any entrepreneurial venture. By all means, develop a product, find the online opportunities, take measured risks but remember there is no overnight success like some websites would claim. It takes long to build online credibility and it’s not easy. All in all, don’t give up. If you found this article useful, feel free to share it and share your opinions.

Resources: Trustpilot.com