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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

How To Choose The Best Clickbank Affiliate Product To Sell In 5 Minutes

 Are you a beginner digital marketer, maybe even experienced, trying to sell affiliate products from Clickbank? Do you log in to the site to find a whole ‘bank’ of different products that you believe you can easily market and pocket some daily commission? Have you created your blog or website, tweaked it for maximum search engine presence, done all the social media marketing etc., but somehow, you’re still struggling to make your first sale? Did you know, it is very possible that, you’re not picking the right product to sell, even if it’s within your passion, interest or niche? Well, unless you’re a genius marketer who can sell ice to an Eskimo, you would need some help. This short article is intended to give you a simple and basic guide to helping you pick the best product to sell from clickbank in 5 minutes, even if it’s within your niche or passion.

Of course you can go directly to Clickbank.com and pick a product to sell as an affiliate. However, the platform can be pretty complex even for experienced marketers, how much more new marketers? Infact, there’s a whole Clickbank University where how to use the platform to maximum benefit is taught, therefore, you can imagine what happens to those who can’t afford to pay for such a service. That’s where cbengine comes in handy. Cbengine offers a platform where you can quickly research the status and sales trend of clickbank products to enable you make a sound choice. It has a paid service but most importantly, it can also be used entirely for free even without signing up. Infact, you can even pick your clickbank affiliate link directly from cbengine if you so wish. I am a free user and it has really helped me in making the best choices. Visit the website and follow these steps.

Note that, in the images presented, all the notable portions have been highlighted either with a line, circle or arrow in red or yellow, therefore, they are not part of the main website content of cbengine.

1.     Paid Sponsors
How to choose clickbank the best products

Upon visiting the home page, you would find some prominent clickbank products on the first page, reaching out to affiliate marketers as indicated in the image above. These are all paid ads. As a good strategy, I do not recommend picking any of these products because they have already saturated the market but if any of them drives your interest, you can still follow the research steps I am about to show you before you make a choice. The strategy would be, to find existing products with significant growth prospects. So, how do we find them? This takes us to the next step.

2.    The Search Panel

How to choose the best clickbank product

Once on the home page of cbengine, locate the search panel on the right side. It’s in a sidebar format and has several features that would enable you pinpoint your search based on keywords and all but remember that, we want to do this in just 5 minutes so that we can quickly move on to other things. Therefore, our focus would be on the top three portions of the panel. These are, “Top Category”, “Sub Category” and “Ranked In”. In the Top Category drop down menu, leave it at ‘All’ but for Sub Category and Ranked In, choose “Top Only” and “Top 20” respectively. Do nothing else after this. Just find the search button at the bottom of the panel and click on it.

cb engine

From the generated results, click on category at the top to display the important details of the results. Now pay close attention here because this is the most important part of making the choice. Locate “Earn” and “Gravity” at the top of the results content. Which product should you choose? You can notice from the image that some of the products are offering some pretty high commissions per sale. These are worth taking a close look at. However, you need to compare the commission these products may be offering to the ‘Gravity’ of the product. So, what is the ‘Gravity’ all about? I would not bore you with the technical details of how the gravity is calculated but basically, it’s an indicator of a product’s market strength, in terms of its marketability and earnings. It measures the product’s market strength on a daily basis based on its sales and revenue from the day it was introduced therefore, the higher, the gravity, the higher, the market strength of the product. It is more or less the market growth analytics of the products. All this, does not necessarily mean that a product with a low gravity has a low market prospect, per se. It could be that the product is new. The gravity needs to be compared with the time the product was introduced before any conclusion can be drawn. This leads us to the next step.

3.    Analyzing The Results

cb engine

Once you’ve sieved through the results and decided which product to research, click on the product link for further details. As can be seen in the image above for an example, I picked a product with a gravity of 30.28 but with a negative outlook of -2.14. This implies that, its market strength had dropped a few points, probably in the past few days, weeks or months, albeit it’s paying a commission of 75%. To ensure that I am making a good choice, I would click on ‘graph’ at the top for further details.



As can be seen in the images above for our example, there was a study rise in gravity from the introduction stage in the year of 2011 but it peaked in 2014.  Since then, there has been some decline in market strength. On the other hand, the referral rate as indicated in the  graph image immediately above shows some sturdiness, which is an indication that, with the right marketing approach, a marketer can still earn some good commission by bringing in referrals. The length of time the product has existed may also prove its strength.

There you are, we’re done! Based on this simple step, you should be able to choose a clickbank product in 5 minutes. Do I have an advice on the best product to choose? Personally, I have found that products with gravities between 30 and 50 are study to market and sell. However, I have also gone for some products with gravities as low as 6 with ‘rising star’ prospects or statuses and I have been pleasantly surprised. All said and done, the ultimate decision rests with you.

If you found this article useful, feel free to share it across social media. Also feel t share your opinion or any other additions in the comment session. You never know who may be helping.