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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

‘1.65 Billion Reasons’ Why Start-Ups Should Take Facebook Seriously

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Facebook Stats

Hello!! Did you hear the great news a couple of weeks or so ago, the research that revealed that, Facebook had 1.65 billion users monthly in the first quarter of 2016? Check out the stats here: Facebook Stats 2016.  Are you an entrepreneur struggling to find market for your products? Do you have a website struggling for traffic, leads and conversions (sales). Well there-in lays your answer if you don’t already know. Imagine finding a readymade market of a mere 1000 of this amount of regular users every month for a product that sells at just $1.

Facebook leads and conversions

Oh yeah, you’re nodding your head right? Sometime last year, I took a break from Facebook and wrote this article Five Things I Achieved After Deactivating My Facebook Account. Do I have a change of mind? Absolutely not! What has changed is that by taking the break, I was able to discover what to actually use my Facebook and other social accounts for as a digital and social entrepreneur.  Listen, it’s all good if you want to solely indulge in social engagement on Social media. Infact, some strategic social engagement as I have broken down in this article The Uncensored Guide To Getting Massive Direct Traffic, is actually important for business success as long as it’s done with much tact and prudence. Afterall, that was what social media was created for. However, if you’re a serious entrepreneur who wants to succeed at all cost, then you should also look beyond pure social engagement.


1.    1.65 billion Monthly users would be any search engine’s dream but the good thing is that, it’s social media so you don’t need to be found through some SEO strategy. You don’t have to be worried about messing up your website whilst doing SEO. You don’t have to worry about search engines penalizing your website based on some false suspicion that you’re trying to manipulate them. You can basically spread the word and get found by friends and friends of friends through tags, sharings and likes. This creates a chain of views and possible leads for your product or content across the world. Better still you can use paid ads to get a well targeted audience for your products.

Facebook Likes

2.    I know a lot of people hate the ‘like’ button.  I used to hate it too until I understood its real use for content and business promotion. I have seen many complaints by Facebook users to have it taken down but Facebook would simply not budge. Infact, Facebook tells you not to like something if you don’t want your friends to see it in the ‘ticker’. I know a few great relationships that have ended because of the ‘like’ button, if you know what I mean. Sad as it is, that is not the topic here. Why wouldn’t Facebook take this down? Now, this opinion is purely based on observation and hunch, not research. Facebook’s main source of revenue is through ads so they need to assure advertisers, content or product owners that there’s a feature that would ensure that their product or content would go viral if they stay on Facebook and spread the word. The ‘like’ button is one of them. How many times haven’t you been curious about something a friend liked once it appears in your ticker? Yeah, that’s what Facebook wants to happen. They want to drive your curiousity with the ‘like’ button and have you click on that link to find out what it’s all about. And how does that happen? By seeing it ‘liked’ by someone else!! That’s how virility is created with the ‘like’ button and that, I suspect, is one of the reasons why Facebook would not take it down. It also, in a way, indicates what your interests are so that they can target such products to you on the advert panel. Simply put, it’s a major feature for contents to go viral and reach a larger audience which in turn, is very reassuring to business owners and advertisers. The more people they reach, the more leads and conversion they make.

3.    Facebook’s ‘bot’, if there is any, seems to ‘spy’ on people’s search interests even outside Facebook. If you pay close attention, you would realize that, very often, you see adverts for products you might also have searched for on other search engines appearing as ‘right in your face’ ads on your Facebook newsfeed or the advert panel on the right. Yeah, they seem to ‘spy’ on your search requests outside Facebook, thereby enabling them to determine what your interests might be so that they can deliver them to you once you log in to their platform. Great for business owners, isn’t it??

4.    Finally, Facebook would not issue page warnings at will or block your usage of any of their features just because you tried to get ‘commercial’ on their network. They are very flexible with commercial activities because they know that, at some point you might want to pay to get further exposure. Infact, with all its numbers, Facebook still advertises for more users around the world. They know how to find scam accounts too and quickly delete them.

As an entrepreneur, I see Facebook in a different light now than I used to and I am getting a piece of the pie in my own way. By the way, if you want to know how to do this without paid ads, read this How To Make Your Facebook Page Go Viral Without Paid Ads. In my opinion, though a few new Social networks have sprung up with the intention of providing stiff competition for Facebook, it still remains the ultimate Shangri-La for start-ups and even long existing businesses who desire guaranteed success and that is the reason why, I would not close my account ever. On the social front, I still have some problems with Facebook, though. Facebook sometimes refuses to remove abusive racist content by individuals. There also remains the issue of secret groups created by paedophiles to prey on innocent children. These and a lot more abuses are inexcusable but in my opinion, it remains the best free platform to grow a business out there. If you found this article useful, feel free to share and comment.