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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Uncensored Guide To Getting Massive Direct Traffic Leading To Increased Daily Sales

Are you new to online business, do you run a blog or do you have an existing website that is not attracting your desired or projected traffic because you can’t publicize it through paid adverts. Have you done the basics, that is, written quality content with the perfect headline and all? Do you wonder how to get some massive direct traffic to your website? Direct traffic often converts because the people who click on links you share or enter your website address directly into their internet browsers make that decision consciously because they actually want something from you. Simply put, they are not finding your content or product through general search; they know what they want and so they come directly to you because you’re offering it. Ok first of all, before I get down to brass tacks, I suggest you read this article that I wrote earlier to get acquainted with an SEO software that would help you to optimize your website and dominate search engines for effective results: Best SEO Software . But, this is not the focus of the article as you know so let’s get back to the topic.

traffic infographic

I know that, the biggest concern of most new businesses online and blogs is how to get traffic.  It’s not an easy task trying to sell your product or ideas online, though the World Wide Web is a whole huge economy on its own. Yet, it can still be easy if you know your way around. I have had a lot of tough lessons in my 3 years journey online and I must admit, I am still learning. I own a few blogs and online shops in different niches but I have intentionally not optimized a couple for search engine results because they are still on ‘test drive’. Those are the ones I use for the processes I am about to show you.

So how do I get massive daily direct traffic to my blogs without SEO?

Real Interest In People

Look, no matter what you think, this is not an over-flogged topic. It’s a person who would buy into your ideas or products and that is why you need to show real interest in people. Note the emphasis on REAL! So what do I mean? Text book marketing teaches you to shelve your emotions (the customer is always right concept), put the customer first and get to know about their personal lives and all. Well it’s all fine except in my opinion it becomes manipulative if it’s not real. So, connect with people on social media and show real interest in their content or forget it… Here’s what I do and it’s all real. I have accounts on almost every social media platform that you can think of. Some, under different names and others yet to be converted into business profiles (the reasons are explained in another paragraph). I have connected with thousands around the world. In the ones that I took the initiative to connect, I carefully read the profiles of these persons to ensure that I have real interest in their content. That way, I would not have to force myself to like what they are selling or writing about; the interest comes naturally. I comment, like, retweet, re-pin on Pinterest or + their content and share them on my news feeds. Guess what happens, the favour is very often returned when I have a new product posted from my online shop or a new blog content posted. I do this mostly on Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn Tumblr and Instagram, etc. Infact, on Google + for example, I give my profile a personal touch by sharing short ‘hello’ videos and also videos of my guitar playing hobby every now and then. This serves to provide real impressions to my connections online. These actions do not only serve to prove you’re real but also, since algorithms on social networks are structured to give you more  exposure the more active you are, you get connected to the most relevant content and your content is similarly exposed to the relevant people.  So for example, you’re sharing, liking, +ing or re-pinning content on fashion, algorithms would find and suggest people with similar interests for you to connect with and also you would be suggested to others to connect with or follow you. In this case, the more active you remain, the more exposure you tend to get.That’s how good technology is! People are the most important part of getting traffic, leads and making sales or if you run a blog, getting advert clicks. I am highly privileged to have some of my connections as high influencers in their fields therefore this makes things all the more easy because people believe what they say. Do I read, comment or share everything my online connections post? No because naturally, I would like some content more than others but also, time constraints do not permit that so I ensure that, at least my top 20 engagers receive some thumbs up from me very often and consistently. If it’s a long article that I have no time reading immediately, I save it in pdf to be read later. Once I read it, I form an opinion, go back to their page and add a sincere comment. The best thing about this is that, I do it because I have real and not fake interest in the content they shared. Do I bother if the favour is not returned?? Hell no, because I first and foremost liked, shared, retweeted or commented due to real interest in the content. I have seen a boost of about 20% in traffic and conversions with this approach alone and best of all they are direct (real people interested in my product or content). One last thing!! Make sure you engage with every comment on your content, profile, tweet or whatever there is. Reply to comments, +, retweet or share them if you agree. Apply same sometimes even if you disagree because this would prove that you’re tolerant of diverse views. Simply put, don’t leave any questions unanswered including emails and any comment unappreciated even the bad ones. This is very important otherwise your content would look unreal and dry!! Finally, with this particular approach, I have not only been able to do good business but I have also been able to build a network of wonderful and real friends, albeit online, where we help each other with ideas, thoughts, suggestions and  solutions in challenging times and even with personal life issues. Oh yes!! I am very lucky and grateful to all my friends. Point To Note – Be Real + Engage + Expect Nothing In Return

The Most Effective Social Media Sharing Strategy

Yes, I am aware you know this but how do you do it effectively for maximum results? It can be a bit tedious but done well, the results can be amazing. This is what I have done and you can adopt it. I have registered on many social media platforms like I said earlier. Infact, I have a whole word document that contains all my social media user names, emails and passwords with which I registered so that I would not forget anything. On some of the platforms, I have converted my real name to another name. An example is my Instagram profile. This is basically to avoid the social distraction that being found by family and friends on these platforms may bring. Well, if you’re family or friend and you find and add me on any of these platforms, great but you’d have to understand that my interest on that platform is different or you would be very disappointed, I am sorry. I need to stay focused on the primary objective so I use these different names. Likewise I have different emails strictly for business purposes and creating blogs in different niches. For example, I have two Gmail accounts and on both accounts, I run two different blogs each in different niches. This is all for the purpose of avoiding the use of one account to share my content which can come across as spamming sometimes. Is this ethical? Well I do not know. All I know is that, it’s working.  Oh yeah, I told you this is uncensored!! All this said, it’s however very important to break things down to your friends, family and spouse or they might get a wrong impression about your online activities. People who are not involved in working online from home tend to believe that it’s all fake and fraud or maybe you might be cheating. That’s why it’s important to break things down to the core to everyone around you, maybe with some evidence. If they love you and have your interest at heart, they would understand. For example, if you were my spouse, you would think I am cheating on you because I tend to interact a lot more with my female network. The reason is simple!  My analytics by gender show that, a lot more females visit my blogs and fashion shops than males. This also implies that, more females are purchasing my products than males so I must give them a good deal of attention. There’s a belief out there that females make more purchases than males, anyway.

How To Choose People To Follow On Social Media


who to follow on twitter

For effective social media sharing for your ‘product’, you can’t just follow anyone on social media. If your intention is to solely get social that’s fine but you’d need to create a separate account for that because it comes with its own distractions. You need to target the audience that is most likely to be interested in what you have to ‘sell’. Here’s the simple trick. Find your competitor’s followers and follow them. However, you should not follow just anyone in your competitor’s follow list. You should find real people with real names, not profiles with organizational or webpage names. The picture illustration above should help you understand what I mean exactly. I have picked my possible competitors in the first picture, highlighted examples of those to follow (real people) and crossed in red, who not to follow necessarily in the second . You can however consider them as competitors and explore their followers later for following.  This works very well on social media platforms with the ‘follow’ feature, like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+ etc. A lot of them are likely to follow back. Once they do, your shared content would be appearing in their newsfeed. The assumption here is that, these ‘real people’ would likely be interested in what you’re offering, which is often true since they are following your competitors. You should however keep an eye on your competitors and make sure you offer something better than what they are offering. On Facebook, this can be a bit tricky because not everyone activates the ‘follow’ button and you can’t go sending friend request to everyone or Facebook would ban you. What you can do on both Facebook and even further on Google + is to join as many groups and communities in your niche as possible. Look out for active groups and communities with at least 1000 members, no less.

Install these 3 browser Plug-ins – Buffer, Shareaholic/Share and Pinterest

installed plug-ins

These three basic browser plug-ins would enable you to share your content on most social media platforms directly from your content and best of all they are free.  Well, Buffer has a paid version which allows you to add multiple accounts from one platform but the basic is free. “Share” alone, connects you to over 100 platforms on which you can post your content directly if you have the time and patience.  Now, the job is done! All you need to do when you have new content is to open the content page, locate the plug-ins on your browser spend some time sharing it on your social media profiles and watch the traffic grow by the hours. Share in groups on Facebook and Communities on Google+ too. My suggestion would be to share in not more than four communities every two days on Google or you might get a page warning and a possible ban.


I personally use this method to great success at least thrice every week.It's time consuming and can be very frustrating with a slow internet but if you have the patience, it's worth it. I have seen a huge jump in my page views and affiliate revenue with this method all because this is directly targeted traffic. I can dedicate a whole day just doing this whilst my other optimized blogs for search engines also run on auto-pilot generating organic traffic. Give it a shot. I wish you all the best. Feel free to comment below and share any ideas or this article if you found it useful.