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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

How To Get A Piece Of The 1.65 Billion Facebook Pie Without Paid Ads

Hey listen, getting things for free do not come easy, I must warn you. Facebook offers paid ads which are well targeted to your desired audience so if you can afford at least $5 a day, I recommend you pay to promote your product after I have taken you through these steps because it’s a guaranteed avenue for sales. Nonetheless, the free process still works very well if you have the patience to spread the word and go viral.


First off, you need to create a Facebook page to spread the word about your product. Creating a Facebook is pretty easy. Facebook provides you the basic action buttons in the drop down menu on your profile at the top right corner. Just click on ‘create page’ as seen in the above photo.

Facebook page

Facebook page

The page creation involves four basic steps -  “About”, a “Profile Picture” for your page, “Add to Favourites” and choosing the desired “Audience” for your page. Of course you must add appropriate pictures (profile and cover) that correspond with your product and also add the page as a favourite. This would make it possible for you to quickly locate it among the list on the right-side panel on your newsfeed page so that you can quickly make changes or post new content. Now, you should know what to put in the “about” section. Here, make sure you input the most important keywords of your product within the write-up and then if you have a desired audience for your product you can specify. This is especially good if you intend to “promote”(pay to advertise the page) because you can directly research for high converting countries and target them directly. For the free version however, I recommend you keep it open for all locations. Then pick the gender, age range and interest for the page. The interest should be what your page is actually about. See in the pictures above.

Facebook page

Facebook page

Your page is almost ready. If you want to promote the page, which is highly recommended, click the promote button on the right and choose the price at which you want it promoted.  There’s something very important you can add that would help your conversions greatly. On the cover photo click on the “add a button” menu and find a variety of actions that you can take as seen in the images above. I recommend that you  pick the “learn more’ button and insert a ‘shortened’ affiliate url using any of the good url shortening services out there, if your page is about a blog on an affiliate product, that is. I have found this to work very well for me. Facebook, now offers you the opportunity to promote only that button directly from there.  Of course, if you have a personal website you can do same.


Facebook post page in groups

Facebook schedule post

Now here’s the difficult part and this requires patience since you’re not using ‘promotion’ for your page. Of course you can spread word around about your page and invite friends, family etc. to join but what if these people are not really interested in your content? That makes it very important for you to dig deep and find the right audience for your product. How do you do this? Use the Facebook search button to find groups and other pages similar to your product. Join and like them respectively. I suggest you find groups or pages with active members of at least 2,000 or likes. Join as many as you can. Now here’s the crucial part! Everytime you post new content on your profile, share this content directly from your page into these other groups or pages of the same interest as yours that you have joined as seen in the picture above. A lot of people make the mistake of just posting content on their pages or walls and expect that people would find them by searching Facebook. Yes, that’s possible but it would take a hell of a long time for your content to go viral and attract likes. However, once you post directly from your page after you have posted new content people get curious and trace the link back to your page and like it. You may get lucky and have people share your page too. I have personally done this with great success. The ‘likes’ trickle in bit by bit and then sooner than later your audience would increase as long as you have the patience and keep churning out fresh content and engaging with fans of your page. On the publish button, you also have the option to schedule posts. This helps to keep the page active whilst you’re away. Don’t directly advertise your page in other groups or on other pages. Many page admins don’t like that. You may get deleted and blocked if you’re not lucky!  Keep the page active everyday with new postings. These postings do not necessarily have to be about your product. You can find links related to your product online and share as long as it would keep the page active or people would leave.

Get leads with traffup

Finally, Traffup is a website you can join. It’s a place, where you can add your page or website and gain credits that you can in turn use to promote your page. It has several action features for Facebook likes, Tweeter retweets/follows, website viewing and instagram follows/likes but let’s focus on the Facebook portion of it. When you sign up you can undertake any of the activities mentioned and gain credits to use for Facebook likes. The good thing about Traffup is that, people are not obliged to like your page based on an exchange. When someone likes your page, it was more likely because that person was interested in what you have to offer. You can really garner some real leads with this one and this is all for free. As your following grows, Facebook would be forced to recognize your importance and put you on top of the search pile for further growth. 

There you have it! Go ahead and go viral but be patient and follow the sharing policies of Facebook if you don’t want your content to be deleted. Are you going to get 1000 followers in one day with this approach? No, unless of course you’re Usher but it’s a great approach to start off and gradually climb to the top.  If you found this article useful, feel free to share it and comment.

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